Brazil Rainforest Hotel - The Ariau Amazon Towers - Largest Treetop Hotel in the World

Amazon of Brazil HotelEscape to the natural beauty and wild majesty of the Amazon Rainforest - one of the most exhilarating destinations on the planet. Nestled in a canopy of trees above the Amazon River, Ariau Amazon Towers jewel of the Amazonian Rainforest and the only hotel resort built completely at tree top level in the Jungle.

Experience the ultimate in eco-tourism - from navigating the Amazon River to swimming with rare pink dolphins, to trekking through the rainforest to relaxing in a luxury tree house surrounded by the wonders of nature.

Welcome to Brazil’s largest eco-friendly treetop hotel and discover rejuvenation and adventure in the heart of the Amazon. Ariau Amazon Towers was chosen as one of the 1000 place to see before you die by the Travel Channel.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Amazon’s Eco-Friendly Treetop Resort. Our eco-friendly hotel was built in 1987 by Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernardino under the inspiration of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. Enlightened by Cousteau’s quest to protect the Amazon Jungle, Dr. Ritta built an eco-aware resort that would preserve the fragility of this magical forest. Cousteau's declarations sounded like a premonition: “The war of the future will be between those who defend nature and those who destroy it. The Amazon will be in the eye of the hurricane. Scientists, politicians, and artists will land here to see what is being done to the forest". Taking these words to heart, Dr. Ritta started building Ariau Amazon Towers in 1986 on the banks of the Rio Negro. Utilizing the techniques of native Amazonians, the hotel was built on stilts in the treetops. Originally an intimate jungle hotel with one tower and four suites, Ariau Towers has become the largest treetop hotel in world!
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
  • Idyllic Amazon Rainforest & Manaus, Brazil Hotel. Located 35 miles northwest of the Manaus, Brazil - the capital of Amazonas, Ariau Amazon Towers, sits peacefully in the treetops of the Amazon Rainforest. Rising on the right bank of the Rio Negro at the origin of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, this spectacular Amazon resort is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, wildlife and pristine landscapes in the Amazon rainforest. Ariau Towers is just 40 miles from Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes International Airport.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
  • A Hotel Oasis in the Amazon Rainforest. Relax and rejuvenate in rustic treetop rooms, suites and tree houses with private balconies elevated high above the rainforest floor. Our distinctive treetop accommodations are connected by over 5 miles of wooden catwalks that meander through the Amazon’s thick canopy of trees and forest - making it the largest tree top hotel in the world! Enjoy authentic Brazilian décor, modern vacation amenities and panoramic views of the Amazon River and Rio Negro from your private oasis in the jungle.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
  • A Magical Treetop Hotel in the Amazon. One of the top hotel destinations in the world, and a retreat for celebrities and film and TV productions like the TV show Survivor: The Amazon, Ariau Amazon Towers will inspire your sense of adventure and free your spirit. Carved out of the Amazon Jungle, the hotel is an awe-inspiring escape with beautiful wooden towers linked by catwalks through the Brazilian Amazon. Surrounded by the tropical landscape and playful macaws and monkeys, Ariau Towers houses a myriad of facilities, including observation towers, panoramic auditorium, amphitheaters, a cyber café, a gift shop, treetop swimming pools, restaurants, bars, activity/tour desk, heliport, airport transportation and a business center.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
  • Amazon Jungle Adventures. Experience exhilarating Amazon adventures at the Ariua Amazon Towers, including canoe trips, jungle treks, piranha fishing, visiting Amazonian dwellings, swimming with pink dolphins, archipelago tours, helicopter rides, and the observation of nightlife animals. Observe the natural phenomenon of Meeting of the Waters.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
  • Brazilian Style Dining & Wining. Indulge your appetite on delicious Brazilian cuisine at our two casual treetop restaurants with enchanting views of the Amazon River and lush landscape. Feast on authentic Brazilian and regional cuisine, including fresh regional fish, meat, chicken, pasta, vegetables, beans, rice, soups, salads, homemade bread, natural juices, exotic Amazon fruits and sweet desserts. Enjoy refreshing tropical drinks in our four treetop bars - relaxing retreats above the rainforest.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
  • Meetings & Events in the Amazon. Host your business, social or cultural events, conventions, banquets, trade shows, festivals, corporate retreats, weddings, and special gatherings in the most inspiring destination in the world. Catering to life’s important events, our Amazon Rainforest hotel features two open-air amphitheaters, a treetop auditorium, connected by jungle catwalks, audio/visual equipment, telecommunications, and catering in the wild beauty of the jungle.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Ariau Amazon Towers
Located at
Parana do Ariau ,s/n,Zona Rural Cep:69045-000 Iranduba, AM - Manaus, Brazil
Contact: +1-954-404-8022   Fax: 1-305-947-4688
Amazon Rain Forest - Manaus, Brazil

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