Manaus Brazil Restaurants

Indulge your appetite on delicious Brazilian cuisine at our one rustic, wooden treetop restaurant with magnificent view of the Amazon River and the lush jungle landscape. Perched high above the Amazon rainforest, our one casual restaurant feature authentic Brazilian-style dining and mouthwatering regional cuisine served buffet style.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Enjoy Cuisine of the Amazonas. Enjoy a wonderful feast of authentic Brazilian food and world cuisine, including: fresh regional fish (grilled tambaqui or fried prirarucu or tucunare), meat (steak, ground beef or pork), grilled and stuffed chicken, pasta (with ground beef, gourmet tomato sauce, or garlic and olive oil sauces), vegetables, beans, rice (white and yellow), soups (soup of the day and chicken soup), salads (mixed greens, tomatoes, romaine, lettuce potatoes, and corn) with gourmet dressings, fresh homemade bread, fresh natural juices (caju juice, maracuya juice, acerola juice), a selection of exotic fruits of the Amazon and sweet regional desserts and cakes (cream of maracuya and pudding of tapioca). Our daily menus will tantalize your taste buds with mouthwatering cuisine of the Amazon.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Bar at Ariau Amazon Towers. Enjoy cool, refreshing tropical drinks and a wide selection of wine, beer and alcoholic beverages in our bar . After an exciting day of exploring the Amazon jungle, relax with friends in our open, wooden retreats high above the rainforest with spectacular views of the Amazon River and lush forest.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Dining in Manaus, Brazil. The vibrant and beautiful City of Manaus is a culinary paradise with wonderful restaurants serving a variety of Brazilian, South American, Amazon Regional and world cuisines. Savor delightful scenery and culinary delights at the many restaurants, cafes and eateries that line the neighborhoods and ports of Manaus. Here are a few restaurants and grills to get you started on your Amazon dining adventure.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Ariau Amazon Towers
Located at
Parana do Ariau ,s/n,Zona Rural Cep:69045-000 Iranduba, AM - Manaus, Brazil
Contact: +1-954-404-8022   Fax: 1-305-947-4688
Amazon Rain Forest - Manaus, Brazil

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