Anavilhanas Archipelago - Brazil's Largest River Islands

Experience an unforgettable sightseeing adventure on the Anavilhanas Archepilago - the world’s largest fresh water archipelago of river islands. Located on the Rio Negro in the Brazilian Amazon - about 100 km upstream from Manaus, where the river becomes 27km wider - Anavilhanas Archepilago is a unique ecological system of extreme biodiversity in the Amazon. The Anavilhanas preservation area encompasses over 400 islands extending over 90 kilometers covered with native forest - a natural labyrinth alive with incredibly diverse landscapes and wildlife.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Anavilhanas Archipelago Tours By Ariau Towers. Experience one of the most marvelous creations of Mother Nature! With 400 islands, this immense river archipelago - the largest in the world - is home to beautiful landscapes, pristine beauty and diverse wildlife to explore. Located 20 miles from Anavilhanas Archipelago, Ariau Amazon Towers offers incredible sightseeing tours of Anavilhanas Archipelago that offer an unforgettable Amazon adventure! Ariau Towers features beautiful treetop rooms and suites connected by over 5 miles of catwalks that wind above the Amazon Rainforest. This tropical retreat also offers beautiful private pools, open air restaurants and bars, a variety of exploration activities, meeting and event space and impressive service all with magical views of the Amazon jungle and rivers.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Discover Anavilhanas Archipelago. Exploring the Anavilhanas Archipelago is an amazing adventure full of wonder and awe. The islands are covered with native vegetation, predominantly jauaris, buritis and bacaba palms. The fauna is composed of jacaretinga, jacaré-açu, bona constrictor, iguana, macaco de cheiro, and macaco barrigudo. In the archipelago it’s possible to find the red dolphin, tucuxi, surubim, matrinxã, pacu, pirarucu and the manatee. During the rainy season, half of the islands are submerged, forming a boundless floating forest of creeks and channels awaiting your discovery. The compact vegetation serves as a shelter for diverse birds, butterflies, iguanas, rodents, monkeys and snakes. With its impressive black waters, Anavilhanas Archipelago has an extremely abundant aquatic life with several species of fish, including the famous Pirarucu, Tucunaré, and piranhas, as well as crocodiles, dolphins and manatees. Anavilhanas is also the natural habitat of 232 bird species and abundant avifauna. During the dry season, the receding waters reveal several white sand beaches and interesting natural formations of roots and trunks.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
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