The Amazon
Brazilian AmazonThe largest state in Brazil, with a total area of 1.577.820 km², scenery for the production of national and international films, besides reality shows, with 98% of its territory preserved.
Exotic and diversified gastronomy, based on fish and regional fruits.
The best option for professional and sporting fishing, specially the one of “Tucunaré”, which is the most appreciated fish of the Amazonian rivers.
Fantastic place for the accomplishment of events (congresses, seminars, fairs, exhibitions, etc.).
Address of important environmental parks and ecological reservations, located along its fluvial gigantic mesh.
Cradle of the indigenous culture, expressed through its folklore and exuberant habits.

The City of Manaus

Capital of the State of Amazonas and metropolis of the North Region, it reaches the mark of almost two million inhabitants and is responsible for about 55% of the economy of the Brazilian Amazon.
The city hotel offer corresponds more than 2.500 rooms, distributed at 23 urban hotels, plus 1.000 concentrated rooms in 20 jungle hotels.
Manaus is characterized by an excellent urban infrastructure (sophisticated road system, efficient public transportation, telephony services and Internet, banks, ATM services, clinics, hospitals, safety public, communication tools, etc.), that is also expressed through the offer of good restaurants, bars, night houses, movies, shopping, conventions and cultural centers.
The city, marked by constructions of relevant historical and architectural value, inheritance of the golden period of the rubber, has as its greatest example the splendorous Teatro Amazonas.
Manaus stands out as the second industrial pole of Brazil and the first of the Brazilian Amazon, with more than a thousand installed industries, most with ISO 9001.
In the city, there are established 24 consulates and diplomatic representations.
Eight aerial carriers link the capital to the other Brazilian capitals, operating direct flights to Miami, Caracas, Bogotá, Santa Cruz and La Paz.

Conventions, Exhibitions and Events

Manaus has an excellent infrastructure for events (Congress, seminars, fairs, exhibitions, etc.). Studio 5 - Center of Conventions has capacity for 14 thousand people (in shows), auditorium for 3 thousand people, 18 support rooms, pavilion for exhibitions, shopping and entertainment centers. The Tropical Manaus Eco Resort, the largest hotel in Brazil, offers 799 rooms, space for 4 thousand people (in shows), 20 support rooms, two living rooms for exhibitions and fairs and auditorium for 1.100 people, in acclimatized atmosphere.
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