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For intending travellers to Amazonia, the greatest spectacle offered by nature is its exuberant flora owing to the strong connection between the forest and the river. Despite the huge diversity of wildlife, fauna is difficult to see owing to the characteristics of tropical forests. However, the estimated over 2,000 species of fish makes Amazonia one of the main Brazilian destinations for sport fishing and watching ornamental fish. From the cultural point of view, the greatest interest lies in the traditional communities - or forest peoples: rubber gatherers, 'caboclos' (mixed bloods), riverbank dwellers and indigenous communities. Visits to the latter are prohibited.

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  • Meeting of the water
    Meeting of Negro river and Solimoes, by fast boat.
  • Anavilhanas
    Tour in the region of Archipelago, one of the biggest fluvial archipelago in the world, with more than 400 islands.
  • Survival in the jungle
    Survival in the jungle, how to build a shelter, how to get food and water.
  • Indian Ritual
    Visit to the indian community that will present with food and dance.
  • Rent of the Motorized Canoe
  • Overflight
  • Panoramic flight by helicopter all around the hotel
  • Transfer by helicopter in Ariaú – Manaus (or Manaus – Ariaú)
  • Transfer by helicopter - Meeting of the waters


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