Amazon EmotionsBook Amazon Emotions

  • Title
    Amazon Emotions
  • Author
    Francisco Ritta Bernadino
  • A sentimental-photographic guide to the amazon ecosystems
  • Texts by Ritta Bernardinno And photographs by Leonide Principe
  • Glossary with 105 entries about the regional language and its terms

In this second edition, Francisco Ritta Bernardino, mastermind of the ecological tourism complex Ariau Amazon Towers - one of the seven wonders in the world, in accordance with News Week magazine - shows a more insightful picture of the Amazon Region, which includes new information and an enhanced glossary which will make the regional language and its terms easier to be understood by readers. Captions are now enlarged and contain clear information on the photographic topics.

Leonide Principe, a professinal photographer, has devoted himself for ten years to restlessly searching for beautiful Amazon subjects. Experience achieved in countless expeditions featuring the Amazon Forest, he steadfastly improved his techniques to capturing what he defines as a "happy instant" of each detail.

Therefore, this edition is nearly the double size in comparison to the first edition and it better conveys the sentiment and purpose of the authors entitled: Amazon Emotions - a sentimental-photographic guide to the amazon ecosystems.

The photographs published in this edition belong to the Amazon Image Bank. It is an image bank which has over 40.000 chromes with a wide range of topics on the Amazon Region. This bank is the result of a hard work and considerable financial investment, which comes along with the maintenance of an up-to-date archives which needs permanent air-condiotioning.

Little Green WarriorBook Little Green Warrior

  • Tiitle
    Little Green Warrior
  • Author
    Francisco Ritta Bernadino
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