Tour the Amazon Rainforest Near Manaus Brazil

Manaus Opera House Copia Discover the Amazon Rainforest - the largest tropical rainforest on Earth. You will be awed by the grandeur, beauty and diversity of the Amazon Rainforest and captivated by its wild wonder. This Amazonas package brings you face-to-face with one of the greatest influences on the world's eco-system and one of Brazil’s most fascinating cities - Manaus.

Enjoy canoe rides, jungle trekking, piranha fishing, alligator spotting, jungle survival courses, folkloric shows, bird watching, visit dwellings of aborigines, and encounter thousands of species of animals, trees, mammals, fish and birds on your Amazon Jungle expedition. Learn medicinal secrets of indigenous tribes of the Amazon Rainforest, watch monkeys swing through branches, marvel at massive lily-pads, canoe through the waters of the Amazon, capture dazzling sunsets, and fall asleep in your treetop canopy hypnotized by the natural hum of the Amazon jungle.

Embedded in the Amazon Forest, the city of Manaus impresses with its natural resources, ecological parks, exuberant nature, wonderful restaurants and bars, busy port, exciting nightlife, diverse shopping, beautiful museums and palaces, and myriad of cultural attractions, such as Teatro Amazonas, an opera house built in 1896, Municipal Market, Rio Negro Palace, CIGS Zoo, and Meeting of the Waters where the Rio Negro merges with Rio Solimões without mixing for 5 miles. Visit the city’s shops, restaurants, and historic marketplaces like Mercado Adolpho Lisboa. Explore river banks and "igarapes", canoe in placid lakes, play on Ponta Negra Beach, trek through the lush forest, and dance at Boi Manaus, a celebration of Brazilian culture and Boi-Bumbá music.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Amazonas - Amazon Rainforest & Manaus Package : 5 nights/6 days
  • 3 Nights and 4 Days at Ariau Amazon Towers in Amazon RainforestManaus Dock
  • Amazon Jungle Tours Include
    • Jungle Trekking
    • Alligator Spotting
    • Piranha Fishing
    • Scenic Canoe Rides
    • Leisure &Cultural Activities in the Amazon
  • 2 Nights and 3 days in Tropical 5-Star Manaus Hotel
  • Breakfast in Manaus
  • Half Day City Tour To: Municipal Market, Manaus Opera House, Indian Museum, Amazon Palace of Justice and Sightseeing Activities in Manaus
**All inclusive (no alcoholic beverages) in Ariau Amazon Towers. Transfers from Manaus airport to Ariau (roundtrip) included. Breakfast in Tropical Manaus is included. Prices are calculated based on standard double rooms. Additional room upgrades, tours and activities are available upon request in Ariau and Manaus.

Please contact Ariau Towers directly at 1-877-44-ARIAU for more booking information.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Ariau Amazon Towers
Located at
Parana do Ariau ,s/n,Zona Rural Cep:69045-000 Iranduba, AM - Manaus, Brazil
Contact: +1-954-404-8022   Fax: 1-305-947-4688
Amazon Rain Forest - Manaus, Brazil

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