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Discover the natural beauty of the mighty Amazon River and the biggest rainforest in the world. From the City of Manaus, you can take a boat or canoe down the Rio Negro into the heart of Amazon Jungle to the beautiful sandy beaches along the Amazon rivers and tributaries. Sun and swim along the picturesque white sandy beaches on the Rio Negro and experience a unique Amazon adventure. Fish in the waters, taste exotic and watch y spectacular sunsets. Beaches are formed during the dry season, which lasts from August to November, when the river recedes. Starting in December, the river rises and the waters invade the sand and the woods along its banks. The most popular Amazon river and coastal beaches are Praia de Ponte Negra, Praia da Lua, Praia de Tupe and Praia de Barbie.
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Amazon Treetop Hotel Overlooking River & Jungle Beaches. Located 35 miles from the Amazon River beaches near Manaus, Ariau Amazon Towers offers incredible sightseeing tours and river cruises through the Amazon Jungle for unforgettable Amazon beach adventures! Carved out of the Amazon Rainforest, Ariau Towers features beautiful treetop rooms, suites and tree houses connected by over 5 miles of elevated catwalks that wind above the Amazon Rainforest. This tropical retreat features beautiful private pools, open air restaurants, four bars, observation towers with sweeping views, exploration activities, an auditorium, two amphitheaters, a cyber café, gift shops, and impressive service all with magical views of the Amazon jungle and rivers. Discover Amazon Specials & Packages. [Top]
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Amazon Beaches Near Manaus
  • Ponta Negra Beach (Praia de Ponte Negra). Located 13 km from downtown Manaus, Ponta Negra Beach is the city’s most popular river beach, a significant tourist attraction and a vibrant nightlife area. This picturesque fine sand beach on the Rio Negro River (Black River) is a destination of natural beauty and artistic culture, and the sunsets from this beach are an extraordinary sight. When the river is low, the sand at Ponta Negra is uncovered to the river bed revealing a dramatic contrast to the dark water. The Ponte Negra beachfront features an intimate cove beach on the warm waters of the river, as well as beach volleyball courts, a cycle way, a belvedere, playground, and an expansive sidewalk with bars, restaurants and snack bars. Ponte Negro Beach also has a modern amphitheatre with a 15,000 people capacity for shows and exciting events. Ponte Negra Beach is the perfect place to sit down with a beer in the evenings, enjoy the boi dances performed in streetside cafés, and watch the Rio Negro flow gently by. Beyond the sandy beach at Ponte Negra, you’ll find an interesting zoo, an orchid greenhouse and preserved woods that are open for public visits.
  • Tupé Beach (Praia do Tupé). Located approximately 34 km from Manaus, Praia do Tupé is a white sandy beach on the Negro River that is well frequented by sun bathers on holidays and weekends. The Beach National Tupe is one of the few beaches in the Amazon recognized as a Heritage Tourism site. When the waters of the Negro River recede, the beach can reach over 80 meters, but when the waters rise during the rainy season the beach is reduced to a 20 meter-width stretch of sand. Accessible by boat or land, Tupe Beach is a popular spot for catching some rays and playing in the dark waters of the Rio Negro.
  • Amazon of Brazil Hotel - Moon BeachMoon Beach (Praia da Lua. Located on the left bank of the Negro River, 23 km from Manaus, Praia da Lua is a sandy beach shaped like a crescent moon with vegetation of rare natural beauty. With a great stretch of white sand and clear, cold water, this is the perfect Amazon river beach to play under the Brazilian sun and cool off in the refreshing waters. Accessed only by boat, Moon Beach is one of the most popular beaches and tourist attractions in Manaus, Amazonas.
  • Golden Beach. Located in rural Manaus on the margin of Tarumã stream, 10 km off the tourism avenue of Tarumã, Golden Beach is accessible by land or river. The beach offers a camping area, bar, a restaurant, and a parking lot .
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Amazon River Waterfalls
  • Paricatuba Waterfall. This cascading waterfall, located on the right bank of the Negro River, along a small tributary, is formed by sedimentary rocks and is surrounded by abundant native vegetation. A great time to visit by boat along the river is from August to February.
  • Love Cascade. Located in the Guedes bayou, Love Cascade flows with cold, crystal clear water. The cascade is accessible only by boat followed by a hike through the Amazon Forest.
  • Lion Waterfall. Located on km 34 off the Manaus-Itacoatiara Highway, Lion Waterfall is a pleasant place to spend the day playing and bathing in the clear, cold cascading waterfall. [Top]
Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel
Ariau Amazon Towers
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